Derrick Johnson taking leadership role with Raiders

Derrick Johnson didn’t agree to terms with the Raiders until May 5, but already, the middle linebacker has taken charge.

He has picked it up real quick, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther said. He’s able to get us in and out of defenses. When you’re at that point, the guy has been here for what, two to three weeks now, and he’s able to really understand what we’re trying to get to. To have a veteran piece that can kind of control the show out there is a big, important part for me.

In other words, the Ravens’ punishment (which also included a $50,000 fine for Harbaugh and a $100,000 fine for owner Steve Bisciotti) is a slap on the wrist. If the NFL really wanted to strictly enforce the rules about contact in offseason work, stripping a team of a draft pick would be the way to go. Simply canceling a couple practices doesn’t do much.

The issue commitment is fuzzier. He was committed to his craft. And he was every bit as committed to his teams as his teams were committed to him. His most notorious career kerfuffle came in Philly, where he wanted to be Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys paid in a manner that reflected his off-the-charts performance in 2004. But the Eagles wanted to retain full control over his contract, able to dump him at any time he wasn’t playing like he played during his first season with the team. So when they refused to show what he believed to be a fair commitment to him, he decided to end his commitment to them.

Has Owens acted at times with a lack of Cheap High Quality Jerseys respect? Sure. But as it relates to the Hall of Fame, the notion that he should automatically bow to the process and kiss the rings of those who already have them makes little sense, given that both the process and plenty of the men already enshrined have not respected him. The fact that Owens had to wait to get in justified by pointing to the need to wait but by launching a barrage of insults and over-the-top criticisms at him. Some voters excused their decision to twice pass on Owens by claiming that members of the Hall of Fame didn’t want him to gain admittance, ever.

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