NFL coaching hot seats: Who goes into 2018 most in line of firing?

Being an NFL head coach comes with a lot of benefits. Guaranteed long-term job security is not one of them.

Training camp is still a couple months away, but pressure is already on coaches around the league to win in 2018. That brings us to the coaches who are going into the season most on proverbial hot seats, plus those who are just chilling in another year of a successful tenure.

Jay Gruden, Redskins: While his brother Jon returns to make it two Grudens coaching in the NFL, Jay will need to do some work to avoid dropping that number back to one. The Eagles are ahead of everyone else in the NFC East, and the Cowboys and Giants are capable of rebounds only a season removed from the playoffs. If Washington finishes last in the division only three years after winning it with Gruden, Dan Snyder might make a change.

Tepper has made his billions as one of the best hedge fund managers on the planet. Looking at his history of investing, he has utilized a knack for huge rebounds after big losses. The reality of the NFL, however, is that kind of volatility tends to stand in the way of desired stability.

Stepping into a new world as an NFL team owner the second-richest in the league Tepper, evoking Vince Lombardi, made it clear he’ll measure his NFL success by one thing.

“The first thing I care about is winning,” Tepper told reporters during his introductory press conference at the NFL owners’ meetings in Atlanta on Tuesday. “The second thing I care about is winning. The third thing I care about is? (Winning).

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