Eric Reid could have a viable collusion case, too

Colin Kaepernick‘s collusion case against the NFL could have one very significant collateral impact on the NFL. The evidence Kaepernick New Vikings Jerseys Cheap generates in his effort to prove a concerted effort to keep him out of football could be used by other players also deemed to be undesirable due to pregame political activities.

The fact that Reid now says he doesn’t plan to protest doesn’t matter; the damage already has been done. Moreover, teams may fear that, once he has another NFL job, Reid may change his mind. Also, the fact that he was so intimately involved in past protests (and the fact that his activities are deemed to be a factor in his search for work) could put him into the dreaded “distraction” category, where on-field ability takes a backseat to off-field propensity to create unwanted lines of questioning for other players and coaches.

The Jets have already traded up to the third overall selection, where they should be able to land a quarterback — or the top player at another position.

Johnson, who took the reins of the team from his brother after Hanson Brothers Cheap Jerseys Woody Johnson was named ambassador to the United Kingdom, apparently had scheduling issues which prevented him from making the trips. And if he isn’t going to make all of them, it’s better not to turn up at any, since it would be interpreted as interest or a preference.

By Haslam making himself visible yesterday — he was seen chatting with Darnold’s family in the stands — it helps create the impression that the Browns may have a preference for Darnold, whether that’s the case or not.

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