Steelers heartbreak could lead to an NFL officiating breakthrough.

Commissioner Roger Goodell deemed the infamous “catch rule” one of the league’s top priorities this offseason after a number of controversial calls this season — including an overturned touchdown that likely cost the Steelers a win against the Patriots in December and reignited the debate over the tenuous policy. Players, coaches and fans have been […]

In February 2015, the Hall of Fame defensive tackle was fired by the network after hiring a prostitute while covering Super Bowl XLIX.

Cantor, meanwhile, claims she was met with indifference when she complained to the network’s talent coordinator, Marc Watts, about the numerous unwanted sexual advances. Even Watts himself, Cantor claims, said he thought “they all want to sleep” with the wardrobe stylist. “It’s part of the job when you look the way you do,” Watts replied, […]

The NFL Draft has come and gone, the best free agents have been snapped up … and you want MORE.

We understand. For fans of most teams out there, the need to get better is overwhelming. Trying to keep up with the Patriots is seemingly impossible. Your team’s best shot this year may not be enough. After being jammed hard off the line of scrimmage by Finnegan to the head and neck area repeatedly throughout […]

The most obvious problem is the replay system, which has spread like a virus all throughout the game.

It seems like every play has to be reviewed, which means the naturally fast-paced nature of the sport is constantly interrupted while the refs reconsider every play in slow motion. Far from adding a layer of objectivity to the sport, the judgments of the refs often seem arbitrary. And these calls can be decisive, as […]