Ben McAdoo could give up play calling as part of ‘drastic’ changes

After sputtering through the first two weeks of the season, Giants coach Ben McAdoo said Tuesday he is looking to make some “drastic” changes to the team’s offense.

The Giants have scored just 13 points with only 97 rushing yards in two games. McAdoo called out quarterback Eli Manning for “sloppy quarterback play” following Monday’s 24-10 loss to the Lions.

“We’ve got to learn to get out of our own way,” McAdoo said during a media conference call. “That’s the biggest thing that came to mind after watching the game. It’s my responsibility.

“We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again. That’s insanity. It’s not working. So we’re going to look to make some changes this week, like we did last week — maybe a little more drastic this week.

“The original call was the runner had fumbled at the 1, and then there Wholesale Jerseys was a bat in the end zone, which is an illegal bat. It was originally the offensive team, the kicking team, that committed the bat. So the original call was that we wouldn’t extend the period on that. Then we got into replay.”

Confusion on the play?

“The kicking team (Pittsburgh) is offense. The defense (Chicago) is defense. But when we have a block and a return, now what happens is that they flip-flop designations. So in this case, the return team, originally the defense, now becomes offense, and the kicking team is now defense. … The fumble, we confirmed with replay that it did occur at the 1. Now we got a loose-ball fumble in the end zone, and it gets batted by the defense, which is Pittsburgh. We go back to the spot of the fumble to Wholesale NBA Jerseys enforce that penalty against the defense, so we go from the 1 to the half-yard line. And because it’s a foul against the defense, we now extend for an untimed down.”

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