Jimmy Garoppolo struggling?

That was the word early this week in San Francisco as Jimmy G dealt with inaccuracy and interceptions. It’s June, so these are growing pains that can be worked out and not (yet) cause for concern.

Meanwhile, the defense was able to impress with a number of sacks. Sacks are in quotes as these are non-contact practices. So, they’re would-be sacks, but no one is actually hitting the turf.

Lamar Jackson may be making Joe Flacco sweat over in Baltimore. The rookie quarterback has been making his teammates’ heads turn for all the right reasons. Wide receiver Chris Moore likes what he’s seen from the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Lamar, he’s a freak. Just what he can do on the field, you can tell that he’s gonna be somebody special in this league, Moore said. Every time he runs I’m in awe because most people, especially a quarterback, can’t move the way he does so you just know that this year he’s gonna make some plays.

Each team is currently allowed two such transactions per year and what this does is it allows them to delay the full acceleration of the remaining prorated signing bonus into the current year’s cap.

While a team can designate a player as a post-June 1 transaction at any time, the team will not recognize the savings until after June 1. Also worth noting is that this rule cannot be applied to players whose contracts are traded, such as the Giants’ trade of Pierre-Paul.

On this issue, Roger Goodell and the NFL have the chance to do the right thing. It’s the only course available to them. Capitulation to Trump didn’t work. He hammered the NFL and its players in spite of the new hardline anthem rule. So they might as well stand up for players and their constitutional rights.

It would go a long way to building some much needed goodwill between players and owners. It might even dull the edge of Trump’s attacks.

A misleading video is angering players after being un-invited from the White House.

The Philadelphia Eagles had planned to send a small contingency of players and staff to the White House to celebrate the team’s Super Bowl win. On Monday night, the president un-invited the Eagles, citing protests during the national anthem as a reason. In the wake of decision players found themselves needing to address fake images and misleading news about their part in protests.

The White House will hold a replacement ceremony for fans it says planned to travel to Washington D.C. to see the Eagles, which will celebrate America, according to the press release with the United States Marine Band and United States Army Chorus performing the national anthem.

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