Blake Griffin is still the best available NBA free agent

Blake Griffin ended his season early with an injury again, and the L.A. Clippers were ejected early in the NBA playoffs in ignominious fashion again. There’s a twist this time around: Griffin is an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career. If the Clippers want to end this era, they can wave goodbye. If Griffin wants a fresh start, he can do the same. This cycle of success and untimely despair can end.

Westbrook was slated to become a free agent at the end of the season. He could have jumped ship to a bigger market and better team in the wake of Durant’s decision, but he decided to stick with OKC instead.

When the Thunder announced Westbrook’s three-year, $85 million extension, fans showed up at the arena like it was a game day. Westbrook loves Oklahoma City, and it loves him right back.

If the vision worked, Houston would have an elite offense and a passable defense, and that combination would boost the Rockets back into the elite of the West. It worked.

Things could have gone sideways with an injury or a down season for a key player, but knowing what he wanted to do going into July 1 was a huge boon for Morey. Instead of waiting out the whims of another star, he targeted shooting and built his roster.

It wasn’t without hiccups — remember the Donatas Motiejunas saga? — but it worked. That vision informed Morey’s work at the deadline, too, as he flipped a Vip Cheap Jerseys pick for Lou Williams, who served a real purpose within Houston’s system as a reliable backup creator.

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